Myrtle Beach’s Trusted Dog Care Facility

As Myrtle Beach’s leading dog care facility, we’re proud to provide a wide range of compassionate pooch programs and overnight stay accommodations. Whether you’re planning a family vacation and need reliable dog care, or your furry buddy needs companionship while you’re at work, we offer affordable and compassionate dog housing and activities in a fully secure and stimulating setting. Check out our FAQ for more information or call us if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We also offer a wide selection of additional grooming services for an additional fee. These services include:
How do I enroll my pooch at K9 Cabana Dog Resort & Training Center?
Call us to schedule an initial consultation and meet and greet with your dog. The consultation lets us identify your dog’s temperament and ensure our facility is the right spot for your dog while you’re away. Call us at (854) 854-5959 now for more information.
What vaccinations are required?

We require proof of the following vaccinations before arrival:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Records should be faxed to +1 (866) 431-9545 or scanned and emailed to
  • We also require a negative fecal test for dogs under one-year-old.
What activities will my dog enjoy during the day?

Our 15,000-square-foot facility offers interior and exterior play areas (including the first doggy water and splash park). Supervised socialization will ensure your dog enjoys physical activity and positive interactions with other dogs in his/her size category.

What will my dog do all night?

Our overnight guests will rest soundly in clean bedding and be fed any specialized food you’d like. Our staff is on hand 24/7 to ensure your dog’s rest peacefully throughout the night. 

Can we board our pup for an extended stay?

We have the resources to ensure your dog feels like they’re on vacation while you’re away on yours. No matter the length of your stay away, we’ll strive to see your dog spends more time socializing and playing with others and less time missing you. We offer private overnight cabanas and care provider stays for an additional fee.

What if we have more than one dog?

Great! We offer a 25 percent discount for additional furry family members in the same household.

What happens if my dog can't or won't participate in active play?

We offer private cabanas and playrooms where your dog can rest and interact with our caring staff members or make the rounds with our compassionate pack leaders. 

What about food?

We offer in-house meals for our guests, but we strongly suggest you provide your dog’s favorite dry food in zip-lock bags to ensure your furry buddy doesn’t experience an upset tummy due to a diet change. We also advise you to provide extra baggies of food in the event you stay away takes longer than expected. We will gladly adhere to any meds or feeding schedule you have in place. 

What happens if there is an emergency?

We take every precaution possible to keep our guests’ safety; however, if an emergency occurs, we will:

  • Stabilize the situation
  • Contact pet parents and/or emergency contact you provide to us
  • Transport to vet (during business hours) or emergency facility (if needed)
My dog is aggressive. Can they still apply?

For the safety of our staff and the other dogs, we cannot accept aggressive dogs into our care. However, we offer affordable and effective dog training services that curb aggressive behavior and better socialize your pet. Connect with us now for more information.