Enjoy Our Dog Resort A La Carte Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

Puparazzi Package

$15 / Day
If being away from your fur baby causes you stress and anxiety, then this is just what you need for peace of mind. Add this service to boarding and the pup parent will receive 2 text messages and 2 photo updates. For daycare, the owners will receive at least 1 text message and 1 photo update

Senior Care

$10 / Night
For those older pups that need a little extra attention, we will house your pet in a quiet area with soft lighting, rubber flooring for extra traction and joint protection, premium luxury bedding, and we will place them on a 2-hour potty rotation schedule to keep them

Story Time with Belly Rub and Tuck-in

$10 / Night
Want to give your pup a little extra attention? One of our loving team members will cuddle up with your fur baby and read them a bedtime story, follow up with a belly rub before tucking them into bed for the night.

Private Play

$10 / Night
For those owners that prefer their dog not be socialized with other dogs, or for dogs that remain unaltered after 6 months of age, or are otherwise unable to socialize with other dogs, we offer private playtime that is one-on-one play with your pup and one of our loving team members. This will be 15-20 minutes of exercise play, or just cuddle time, depending on your pup’s preference.

Peanut Butter Kong

Small $3.50 Large $5.50
We take a classic Kong stuffing toy that is appropriately sized for your dog, fill it with peanut butter, and then freeze it before giving it to your pet for hours of enjoyment.


This frozen treat will either be a Frosty Paws ice cream cup or a homemade pupsicle (when available).

Extra Potty Walk OR Extra Play Time (15 minutes)


Bottled water


Medication (Per Administration)

Oral or Topical $5 - Injectable $7

House Meals

Small $4.00 Large $6.00
Although we prefer that you bring your dog’s food, we do have house food that can be fed in emergencies or for your convenience.

Holiday Meal

Treat your pup to a homemade Holiday Meal! Menus will be announced seasonally. (Only offered when available)

Contact us at 854-854-5959 today for more information about our special a la carte services.